P7023 Fingerprint smart lock Manual Download

By Admin2021-11-25 16:00

1-2: Features

1. Material: high-end aluminum alloy
2. Support password unlock
3. Support card unlock
4. Support phone bluetooth app unlock
5. Supprt touch lock unlock
6. Support password remotely (permanent,Timed,one-time,  Erase,Custom,cyclic)
7. Unlocking record query

1-3:Technical Specifications

1-4: Safety Precautions

1. Keep the panel away from corrosive substances to avoid damage to the  surface coating.
2. Do not operate the product with wet hands to prevent liquids such as  water or drinks from entering the lock body.
3. Do not press the keypad with excessive force or with sharp objects.
4. Keep your fingers clean while using this product. To ensure normal use,  keep the fingerprint area clean as the surface may become smudged after  it is  used for a period of time.
5. Do not pull the product with excessive force.
6. Do not use water, benzene or alcohol to clean the product; use a soft and dry  cloth to clean the lock body.