P7021 Fingerprint smart lock Manual Download

By Admin2021-11-25 15:53
2-1: Product List

smart lock list

Note:The door lock frame is larger than 40mm, and the door thickness can be installed within the range of 40-50mm. If the door thickness is greater than 50mm, a rectangular bar is required, and ask seller for it. Please check if the list is complete after unpacking. If there is any missing, please ask the seller in time.

2-2:Installation Instructions

Confirm the door handing (this smart lock can be used for left-hand outswing, left-hand inswing, right-hand inswing and right-hand outswing doors)

2.3 Installation Precautions

Please check the accessories before installing the door lock. After completing the installation, you can continue to install.If your door hole needs to be punched, please seek the help of a professional lock installer. Unauthorized handling may result in unnecessary property damage.