P7020 Fingerprint smart lock Manual Download

By Admin2021-11-25 15:49

(As the product is constantly updated, the actual shape of the product should be subject to the actual product.)

P7020 smart lock appearance


1. Material: high-end aluminum alloy
2. Biological semiconductor recognition fingerprint head
3. Support password unlock, 16-bit virtual password
4. Support card unlock
5. Support phone bluetooth app unlock
6.  Supprt touch lock unlock
7.  Support unlock remotely (permanent,Timed,one-time,Erase, Custom,cyclic)
8. Support password remotely (permanent,Timed,one-time,Erase, Custom,cyclic)
9. Unlocking record query
10.Company attendance function

Note:The door lock frame is larger than 40mm, and the door thickness can be installed within the range of 40-50mm. If the door thickness is greater than 50mm, a rectangular bar is required, and ask seller for it. Please check if the list is complete after unpacking. If there is any missing, please ask the seller in time.