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Material High quality aluminum alloy + PVC panel
Static current <50μA
Dynamic current <250mA
Refusal Rate ≤0.15%
False Rate ≤0.001%
Working Temperature -10℃~60℃
Working humidity 20%~93%
Working Current 4 AA Alkaline batteries
Emergency Charge External charging with standard interface USB
Unlock Ways Password, Card,Key, Bluetooh(BLE4.1 and above), APP
Virtual Password 12-digital anti-peeping password, Scramble PIN Code to protect password peeping
Mis-unlocking Alarm Auto-lock 2mins after 5times wrong unlocking
Records The latest door unlock record information can be stored locally and in the cloud, and can be viewed at any time through the mobile phone and WEB management.
Low Voltage Alarm Unlocking alarming when voltage lower than 4.8V, there're 200times left to reminding recharging
Combination unlock Support single unlock way and combination unlock ways
Capacity custom or permanent passwords≤150pcs, unlimited other dynamic passwords, cards≤200pcs
Mechanical Keys 2 pieces